I’m a wife, mother and dog mom.  My young son is the handsomest boy ever and he owns my heart. My husband fits me like a puzzle piece even though we are so different.  I’m the crazy plant lady that lives down the road.  I’m a relationship person at heart and it shows in my work. I love to travel for work or play and I’m curious about everything.  Weekend trips to New York are always an option for me.  

I’ve been in the professional arts most of my adult life; from radio DJ, to Marketing Director and finally to my first love, photography.  I love creating stories with my images.  It’s what moves me and I can’t get enough of it.  I love photography and talking about it with other people.  I’m a sponge for ideas from color palettes to outfits to locations and backdrops. 

"I don't capture what it looks like, I capture what it feels like."